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Zuban Ko Lagam Do Lalu Ji, Have Center Fresh

Lalu Prasad Yadav’s statements have always tickled our bones and racked up controversies. It is his hard-tried-but-not-so-brainy quotes that rendered him political fame, nay, ill-fame. Besides, his awful governance adds to his fame. And yeah, one more pertinent, mention-worthy feature of Lalu is his ‘Fodder Scam’, the scam that dethroned him from his CM reign.
Once again, Lalu’s roar broke a thunderstorm in media, again giving them a chance to harp on ‘Lalu’, the controversial speaker. This time, he blatantly flung caste-based remarks, heating up the atmosphere of near-to-poll Bihar. He brazenly blurted out that Bihar poll is between the forward and the backward caste. A few days back while roping in RSS, he challenged it to banish reservation quota saying,” if they had tasted mother’s milk, abolish the reservation quota and he’ll test their strength then”. Very unwiitingly, he stimulated ‘Yadavs’ to unite and spearhead a movement against the ‘Brahmins’, especially RSS under his lead…

What If Indian Politicians Were Detergents?

In India, politician’s exterior shines as bright as white and interior, as bright as black. The way they don themselves in pearl-white bling of kurta-pyjama and set out to campaign before elections has quite a strong resemblance with Indian detergent ads. As if they are advertising the self. Juxtaposing detergents with politicians, my activated neurons brought about some twist and turns in the detergent-slogans to comply with that of politicians’ campaigns.
1. Arvind Kejriwal‘s best buddy is ‘sacchai’ while his diehard foe is ‘mehngai’1, as he promotes himself to be. And so active-wheel and pro-active Kejriwal team up very well.
2. Narendra Modi whose actions are as powerful as his words has become the most favourite political figure of all. Hence he has to be Nirma, ‘sabki pasand’ after all.  3. 49 years of corruption Congress did in India can’t actually escape the minds of Indians.1 What else can Rahul Gandhi advertise than this below-mentioned slogan to persuade people and win back…

PM Modi to Silicon Valley: Digital India ‘unmatched in history’

By Nandagopal Rajan | The Indian Express – 2 hours 35 minutes ago Share25Tweet Print RELATED CONTENT View Photo PM Modi to Silicon Valley: Digital India ‘unmatched in history’ In his first majo

Why do Violent Videos go Viral?

The video of an employee in Saudi Arabia thrashing an Indian worker is believed to have gone viral on social media. Why? Is it because the perpetrator of this violence is a foreigner? Would it be normal if an Indian employee beats up his Indian employee? Does it make a difference to the poor chap who is being beaten black and blue whether the whiplash is made in some other country or Make in India sorry Made in India? Violence in any form anywhere should be condemned. Are we not sick of seeing pictures of Indian policemen beating up women and pushing them in waiting police vehicles,1 teachers breaking the body parts of their wards to make them ‘good human beings,’ daughters- in-law thrown out of their husband’s house begging to be let them get in again that we have to see another video on how they do it in Saudi? To my humble mind the important question is not what we see but how we react on seeing such atrocities being committed in the name of improving the behaviour of people or ev…

Renaming Shahjahan Road May Worsen The Islamic Wrath

Rechristening of Aurangzeb road in Delhi to APJ Abdul Kalam road incited a lot of outrage. And now the buzz in the air is about renaming Shahjahan road too. The BJP spokesperson has put forward that Shahjahan road should be renamed as Dashrath Manjhi road. For in his opinion, Shahjahan is an epitome of lust while Manjhi signifies 4Ds, love, dedication, devotion and determination. “Lakhs of youngsters pay visit to the Union Public Service Commission headquarters located along Shahjahan Road every year. Hence, kindly issue order to authorities concerned to rename the road after him,” Upadhyay said in the letter issued on September 19. Shahjahan road in Delhi expands out from India Gate junction on north to Taj Mansingh Hotel towards south. Manjhi is eminent as ‘Mountain Man’ who is extoled to have paved a path through a 360 feet long hillock using only a chisel and hammer.

Arvind Kejriwal, Does It Take This Long To Break Your Silence?

AAP is Kejriwal’s and Kejriwal is AAP’s. Both are intertwined to each other and thereby, Kejriwal is liable to speak up for or against anything connected with his party.AAP MLA Somnath Bharti, since last June, has consistently been in the focus of media’s lens.1 It all started with his spouse Lipika Mitra’s 26-page long complaint regarding forceful abortion, domestic violence, murder threat and so on against him. Their doomed married life crossed  the boundary of confidentiality a married life should preserve. Somnath, not only is covered with the muck Lipika peeled off recently, but has been tarnished many a times with several charges against him. His midnight raid on African women and bullying them to give out their urine sample publicly to verify about the sex ring the women, as informed, were running, which turned out false too after the result urine reports; his racism-soaked statement against africans was hurled this way,”Black should leave the country”; his awful abuses on seni…

Netaji’s great granddaughter accuses Nehru of hatching conspiracy

Netaji Subash Chandra Bose’s great granddaughter on Monday said that former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had conspired with the British to hide the truth about Netaji’s mysterious disappearance. Addressing a news conference in Jaipur, Chaudhary said Nehru had struck a deal with the British and kept the conspiracy against Netaji under wraps so that he could become the first Prime Minister of India. “Thanks to Nehru, we have been taught that the British left from India out of empathy. But the truth is that Netaji’s army– Azad Hind Fauj– had shaken the foundations of the British Empire and made them vulnerable.” “Nehru conspired against Netaji and struck a deal with the British to become the Prime Minister and… be a part of the Commonwealth,” she said. Accusing India’s first Prime Minister of laying the foundation for a corrupt and power hungry system, she said: “Today, we are witnessing a rotten political and social system and this is due to the misdeeds of Nehru…We demand that all …

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose didn't die in plane crash

An initial look into the 64 confidential police files on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose made public on September 18 by the Mamata Banerjee Government tended to rubbish the so-called Taihoku plane crash theory on his death, reinforcing the view that he was alive even after 1945. One of those files suggested that the freedom fighter was alive even after his alleged disappearance from Taihoku. Not only this, some of the letters tend to suggest that some people were apprehensive of Bose’s reappearance on the Indian political horizon. As a result of this, all the Kolkata-bound communiqués of Bose’s kin were either intercepted en route or thoroughly scrutinised before being delivered. This suspicion arises from a letter written to Sarat Chandra Bose, himself a great freedom fighter and elder brother of Netaji, by Dr L Abegg, a Swiss Intelligence official. This letter was intercepted by the Kolkata Police. The letter from Abegg dated December 3, 1949 and addressed to Sarat Chandra Bose at his 1 …

India turns to Israel for armed drones as Pakistan, China build fleets

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India has accelerated plans to buy drones from Israel that can be armed, defence sources said, allowing the military to carry out strikes overseas with less risk to personnel. The news comes weeks after long-time rival Pakistan first reported using a home-made drone in combat when it attacked militants on its soil, raising the prospect of a new front in the nuclear-armed neighbours' standoff over Kashmir that has twice spilled into war. The plan to acquire Israeli Herons was first conceived three years ago, but in January the military wrote to the government asking for speedy delivery, the sources said, as Pakistan and China develop their own drone warfare capabilities. India has already deployed Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) along the rugged mountains of Kashmir for surveillance, as well as on the disputed border with China where the two armies have faced off against each other. In September, the Indian government approved the air force's requ…

Beef Controversy: Ravinder Raina';s moves resolution in Assembly, seeks capital punishment for beef sellers

Jammu Tawi, September 18:Tre-brand as well as outspoken BJP MLA Ravinder Raina has submitted a memorandum in the Legislative Assembly in which he has demanded capital punishment for those who would be found involved in selling of cow beef or slaughtering the bovine animal. This resolution is a "master stroke" by Ravinder Raina because it will proved as counter offensive and will neutralize the campaign launched by opposition National Conference to legalize cow slaughtering in Jammu and Kashmir.
Sources in the BJP said that Ravinder Raina has submitted this resolution with the consent of party leadership. "It is good step by our colleague Ravinder Raina", said Choudhary Sham Lal, MLA Suchetgarh and warned that BJP will not allow discussion of any Bill which hurt sentiments of Hindus. He cautioned NC and other parties against playing with the sentiments of Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir.
National Conference has already submitted a memorandum in the Legis…

Politics on banning of meat

Recently, after the controversy has engulfed national media and India’s opposition politics,  a delegation of Jain leaders in Mumbai went to meet Shiv Sena supremo Uddhav Thackeray, at his home ‘Matoshree’ in Bandra East. The first thing Thackeray told the Jain leaders was that: All these years, during Paryushan, Jains’ festival of abstention – meat has always been barred in the city and there were no complaints from any quarters!“Then, suddenly what happened this year? How has it erupted into this controversy and who is behind it all?” Thackeray wondered, referring to the vehement protest on the streets and in the media, after the Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation routinely banned slaughter of animals and sale of meat in the city for four days. “As far as Shiv Sena is concerned, this controversy has ended. But we must find out how it all started and who is responsible for it?” Thackeray told the assembled media persons after the meeting held on this Sunday afternoon. The media was a…


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