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KISS! KISS! KISS....all the way KISS

A warm kiss (lips) between Bicon chief Kiran Majumdar and Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhra Raje on November 29,2006, refreshing many old memories of kissing in the mind. They are either from political or film fields. Kiss has always been in hot-news.
If you have done some thing good, media will not highlight, no reporter or a cameraman will run or interview him or her. So perhaps since times immemorial media runs before such baseless news not towards nation-building news. Though it is called the mirror of the society as well as of the nation but just to have their meal the attention is diverted from the their motive of the media, established for. And it proved time and again.
During 1950s, a very hot kiss between Devika Rani and Himanshu Roy was in the new for a long time; then perhaps in the beginning of 1960 when Queen Elizabeth visited India, then Prime Minister Pt Jawaharlal Nehru while receiving her at the airport had Kissed her hand, bending his knees up and down.
In 1970s…


SEEING the unprecedented rush for pakoras at Subhash Chowk, Sabarmati, I too was tempted to talk to the pakora-sellers, who were criminals ealier and had been sentenced to 20-year of confinement. This reminded me of what film-maker, Premji, had tried yo convey through his Meena Kumari and Rajesh Khanna starrer film Dushman in the 1980s.
Criminals were very polite and well mannered. When asked if they were not tempted to run away and escape as they worked in the open roadside, they replied simply “No, because we are not professional criminals but under duress we committed the crime.” In a very smiling manner one of the prisoners said that after working just as one returns to his house, similarly “we return to Tihar Jail with our sales”. The daily sales from them produce amounts to about Rs 20,000, and the whole amount is deposited in the Welfare Fund for Jails because except oil and LPG, everything is produced by our inmates in Jail.
When questioned on how the idea to sell pakoras …


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