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OVER Jaswant Singh’s book on Jinnah, BJP— to be known as the party of intellectuals and of academicians—has again missed the bus to expose the Congress and Mahatma Gandhi in particular. That is why sitting their fingers crossed enjoying the bull-fighting within BJP. Though I have not read the book, only reviews published in the print media. It is observed that there is nothing new in the book, only those stale matter, we Indians are used to read in books and in articles. Before writing the book, Jaswant Singh, one of the senior leaders of BJP, should have studied the character and the old history—which has buried somewhere in the cupboards for tarmanites to enjoy—first. During their NDA regime, then HRD Minister Dr Murli Manohar Joshi has tried a little bit but the way, he had tried to bring the changes in the history or other text-books faced criticism all round. Mr Singh should have consulted the old freedom fighters, close to the then Congress, must have read the history by Ishwar…


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