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Now-a-days it is a matter of discussion everywhere that 'What is Indianism' ? What is our identity ? Here in India, we get people of mixed religions, culture and language; we find people with various food habits, life style etc., still we say that we are Indians. Then what is the bond by means of which we are tied up to call ourselves as Indians ?
No doubt that the bond lies in three major factors - Matribhasa, Matribhumi and Matrisanskriti.
Matribhasa means language of the mother land. It does not mean for somebody's regional language like Telegu, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi etc. but it is verily the Sanskrit in India. In other word, the mother of all languages of the land is called matribhasa and that is Sanskrit. It is the oldest premier language of India and origin of all regional languages. To know India, one has to know Sanskrit, at least its textual interpretations. In the survey report of the Language Commission prepared by the scholars of various l…


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