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Appendix: The Original Message of Qayyum In Text As Posted In The FB Campaigns

“My dear Muslim brothers, we are on a special junction of time where we can take our history back in future. Within a couple of weeks the Delhi election is going to happen and the Muslims brothers there are supporting Aam Aadmi Party, a new face of our Muslim politics in India after Congress backstabbed the Muslims. Congress of course gives Muslim brothers special benefits but not enough in amount and speed for their actual cause because of reasons that is beyond the scope of this post. Aam Aadmi Party is just the new face of Islamic politics in Endia and it will lead to complete Islamization of the nation. AAP has a pro-Pakistan and pro-Islam strategies and it implements it within its capabilities and domain. It supports the Kashmiri freedom fighters like Yasin Malik, it bashed the Endian state terrorist police Mohan Chandar Sharma in Batla House encounter, it’s members are pro-Azadi in Endian occupied Kashmir. Recently it heavily demonized BJP (Most anti-Pakistan and nationalist End…


Somiksha C Mohanta & Nazia MurtadCovert Wires
November 17th, 2013, New Delhi:
Who are good Hindus in the eyes of Pakistan or Islamists? A Hindu who has good human qualities, a Hindu who is run by his Hindu religious values or something like that? Certainly not, a good Hindu is a man who turns a blind eye to his Islamic oppressors or who assists the Islamic invaders ruin his religion and culture is a Good Hindu for them, a Hindu who betrays Hinduism is a good Hindu for them. The crazy fanatic Zaid Hamid who always bashes Hinduism, praises the ‘Hindus’ like Amaresh Misra (Islamic-activist, anti-Hindu propagandist author and Congress leader). And when such a Good Hindu is found, Pakistan turns very helpful to him. Since this morning Pakistan based Facebook pages promoting Jihadist Separatism in Kashmir and some other Pakistani nationalist pages are running a huge campaign for donation on behalf of Aam Aadmi Party founded by such a Good Hindu, Arvind Kejriwal, self-acclaimed authority t…

No, the AAP story isn’t a ‘triumph’ of India’s middle class

At a time when Westminster-style democracy is facing an existential crisis in its own backyard with more and more people, especially the middle class, opting out of mainstream politics in England, the apparent resurgence of political activism in India symbolised by the Aam Aadmi Party’s plucky political debut is surely significant. But sceptics with slightly longer memories of the Indian political scene than the television soundbite era allows may be forgiven for taking some of the post-AAP claims with a pinch of salt.
 To my mind, the most extraordinary of these is crediting the urban middle class with the “flowering” and “coming-of-age” of Indian democracy supposedly represented by AAP. The fact is that the middle class is part of the problem because of which Indian politics reached such a pass that we needed a brand new party to re-energise it. The real heroes, on the other hand, are the millions of working class Indians who have kept the show going for 60 years by religiously turni…

Devyani Khobragade dismiss plea bargain suggestions; demand G-1 visa to ensure full immunity

NEW DELHI: The Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA) and Devyani Khobragade on January 9,2014 dismissed any suggestion that she was willing to accept the plea-bargaining offer from the US Attorney Preet Bharara and stressed that their goal is to obtain G-1 visa that enables full immunity from arrest and appearance in court.

The US administration had given a plea-bargaining offer to Khobragade, which implies that the diplomat pleads guilty in the case. This effectively means that the US government is willing to waive her prison term while recognising it as a criminal offence. There were reports that Khobragade was open to this offer, which runs contrary to the MEA's efforts to get G-1 visa for her and insist on getting the charges dropped as she is innocent, according to both the ministry and the diplomat herself. People familiar with the developments in South Block claimed that Devyani never accepted the plea bargain offer and dismissed such reports. "At this mo…


Posted by Karthikeya Tanna  /   October 10, 2013  /   Posted in Commentary  /   6 Comments
After the initial hullabaloo over ‘Singham’ Sanjiv Bhatt, the disgraced IPS officer who, much to the delight of the Gujarat riots industry, “took on” Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, it took little time for the people of the country to realize how the Congress was enabling his so-called rebellion. Stories of Gujarat Congress gifting a Blackberry and other goodies to Bhatt are well-etched in people’s minds. What wasn’t known with sufficient certainty so far is the Congress party’s unholy nexus with the chieftains of the riots industry: Teesta Setalvad and Javed Anand. Zakia Jafri, wife of the late Congress MP Ehsan Jafri and complainant in the case against Modi and 61 others, is expected to have Congress leanings. Little surprise there. What squarely exposes the fact that Setalvad and Anand’s activism owes itself predominantly to Congress patronage is an interview doing rounds on the social…


Posted by Sandeep Balakrishna  /   December 10, 2013  /   Posted in CommentaryHeadline  /   9 Comments
Note: This piece was first published at the Uncivil Society Reunion blog and is now being reproduced on IndiaFacts with permission from noted blogger Barbar Indian. Some minor edits have been made with regard to language and formatting.  The cult we today call AAP entered politics riding a tsunami wave of discontent against the UPA Government, particularly its gargantuan scams. This movement was created by Anna Hazare with the help of a TRP hungry media. To the naive, the AAP, led by Arvind Kejriwal, is the fresh face of politics. Of course we knew all along that it was a bunch of the worst kind of anarchists, agit-prop activists and people with plain malice against India and some of its socio-economic groups.  AAP unceremoniously discarded its pioneer and entered the political fray in Delhi. It claimed to be opposed to Congress, but suddenly veteran Congress hacks appeared in the …


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