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Article 370 shall be deleted fires in Southeast Asia: Yasin Malik

Article 370 in Indian-administered Kashmir dispute to the removal of the political atmosphere has a strong cup. In the wake of the disputed Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front leader Yasin Malik statement, the BBC said Hindike program throughout the day, the BJP Ram Mandir, Civil Code, and to integrate Kashmir - these three issues would have to complete the whole Barre Saghir ( South Asia), the fire is too large, it will not be extinguished again no.'' He said,'' so that the new government has to decide whether he wants a peaceful solution to the issue or wants to fire at the Barre Saghir. However, he said he has a special interest in Article 370. We are seeking independence. Srinagar Fyaj BJP leader Ahmad Bhat told the BBC, Tanuchced 370 people have selective advantage here. Here is the general public.'' Strengthen separatism Earlier, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah's statement in reference to the disputed asked the government to clarify its …


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