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DIFFERENT states react differently to similar situations. When Israel is subjected to terrorist attacks, which is very often, the State reacts immediately and with force each time. In India, after Pakistan-backed terrorists kill innocent civilians in Srinagar, we send an official delegation to talk about cooperation in the war against terrorism with the sponsors of terrorism. There is no pretence of postponing the meeting. It is as incongruous as the London Police seeking the help of Jack the Ripper to find Jack the Ripper.
The Iranians too have a lesson to teach. As the world watches, they have shown that if you know what you want, you have the rules on your side and have the courage to stand up to all pressures, the other side will ultimately blink first. One does not have to roll over and play dead at the first opportunity.
Talking with the Pakistan about curbing terrorism is a dialogue of the deaf, we say stop the violence; they agree, but say that Indian security forces must st…


PAKISTAN want to keep alive the tension with India, with an object to keep the Pakistani public focuses on India specific problems and divert attention from the serious internal problems of Pakistan—democracy, ethnic revolts in Balawaristan and Baluchistan, sectarian terrorism. The military also whips up Islamist and chauvinist passions as part of this exercise.
Pakistan’s military leadership has managed Islamist terrorism, by calibrating it to serve its interest remaining careful that it does not destabilize internal politics or relations with western countries. Was July 11, Mumbai bombing as act which went haywire?
Musharraf has been playing a calculated game. He had been having problems with democratic parties of Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif. To prevent them from coming back to power in the general elections due in 2007. Musharraf has been actively courting fundamentalists and jehadi terrorist organisation. This March he asked his intelligence agencies not to take any action a…


DEMOCRACY is supposed to be the best form of government, but in India it is becoming the worst in several respects. One such disturbing point is the misuse of government treasuries. Another serious issue is the inefficiency of our government servants. Those who consume a great portion of the government treasuries do not give back sufficient returns to the amount drawn by way of salaries and other benefits. How long can a hose survive if all are only keen on drawing from the common fund as much as possible without correspondingly putting back by fulfilling their duties?
The government employees do often pressurize the government to increase the salary and benefits through unwarranted strikes. They also burden the public by demanding and accepting bribes. Thereby often favouring undeserving seekers of benefits from the government funds. I it not a basic principle in any healthy economy that any spending should have corresponding returns in cash or in kind? This is sadly the grim pictur…


THE arrival of sound in cinema with Alam Ara (1931) put the careers of those stars of the silent era that did not sound ear-friendly and those stars that had a roaring and booming voice became the heartthrob of film fans. Such was the magic of voice that even the blind thronged the cinema halls showing Sikandar to hear the booming voice of Sohrab Modi and Prithviraj Kapoor portraying King Puru and Alexander in the film.
After days, it was realised that in the world of entertainment, an ear-friendly voice, changing the pitch of voice, the right pauses and body language, etc add punch to the performance. Later on actors like Moti Lal, Dilip Kumar, Balraj Sahani and Dev Anand etc pioneered a shift from the theatricality of Sohrab Modi and toned down the volume of Prithviraj Kapoor’s dramatics with a natural dialogue delivery uncluttered by mannerisms and flourishes.
The versatile artistes not only in emoting but also in negotiating the textual dynamics made the best use of their grandi…


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