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Management forcing women cricketers to have physical sex relations

A shameful allegation exposed by Sri Lankan women Cricketers    
A very serious allegation is pouring that like films Sri Lanka Cricket Board is compelling women cricketers to establish physical relation with them to play and to remain in the team. Such nasty steps may effect the performance and social status of  Sri Lankan women cricketers and may boost sex racket in the game of cricket. It is feared that such shameful activities may push Sri Lankan women cricketers in sex trade which could degrade the status of cricket.  Meanwhile Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) had all these serious allegations against the team management and selectors inquiry announced with immediate effect. Sri Lankan Sanath Jayasuriya male team chief selector, SLC secretary Nishanta Ranatunga and co-secretary Hiranta Perera has been tasked to investigate the matter. According to the report, the 4-member investigation team to investigate the case and collect evidence from Sri Lanka women cricketers and team management wil…

Drama of black money in Swiss banks

Exactly 25 Years ago, when VP Singh Swiss Bank's NAME was listening Applause. And 25 Years later Kaledn Narendra Modi referred to the Swiss Bank also Received Thunderous Applause. began Slogans. In the 1989th, the Swiss Bank's Electoral wind pushed to them the CHAIR of the VP and the PM in 1989, 25 years after the note then the corresponding wind Kaledn and corruption PM Narendra Modi also been sitting on the chair. 25 years ago, the first openly Bofors commission VP Singh, referring to the money deposited in Swiss banks every election rally. Every neighborhood. Every village. Trusted by the voters. VP Singh was in favor of the mandate. But after 25 years the mandate of VP Bofors Swiss bank, India has not even a penny of commission. So now held abroad Kaledn first question is: Will the conch or only dreams to come across India are showing . Because 25 years ago, 25 years after the same kind of passion VP Narendra Modi over Kaledn Something similar also in the Electoral Battle…

Imam Ahmed Bukhari following Khomeini

Nawaz Sharif Syed Ahmed Bukhari of Jama Masjid

Imam Shahi Imam says BUKHARI Royal herself so her style is Too. In Another era, was seen by the Country's Muslims honor Imam BUKHARI the Public EYE. He was round and that Imam were also different. These are the victims of Split Personality. They think that Muslims are the country's Supreme Leader. Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah These confuse them that they are like Khomeini. Shahi Imam is set to perform coronation of his son. Narendra Modi's swearing-in the Way they felt worldwide leader Nawaz Sharif came to be called in his son's Coronation. Because they think is the Imam of the Jama Masjid is not the problem the Country's prime minister Less than. Planned. The media was informed about it and it became an issue. Many media members got a chance to show that it is an insult to the Prime Minister. While it is very small. Bukhari feast or Timbktu of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Any foreign country without the gover…

Al-Qaeda unit behind blasts in Burdwan dist of West Bengal : NIA

Kolkata : The explosion in a house in Khagragarh, Burdwan, has blown the lid off a sleeper cell of a new terror outfit, according to the National Investigation Agency (NIA). After three days of investigation, the Central agency has zeroed in on the activities of Al Jihad in rural parts of the district, sources revealed.
One man, Shakil Ahmed, a suspected militant, was killed in the October 2 blast, and Hasan Saheb, also a suspected militant, was critically injured. The NIA’s findings came soon after the announcement of a new terror formation, Qaedat Al Jihad, by Al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri in a video last month in which he said its purpose was to wage “jihad” in India, Bangladesh and Myanmar.
The agency’s inputs assume significance as Zawahiri’s name and message were mentioned in the militant literature seized from the site of the explosion, sources said. Referring to the contents of the documents, sources said that they were printed in Bengali and were inflammatory…

Woman beheaded for killing ISIS member who attempted to rape her

Diyala ( : According to a security source in Diyala province, the terrorist organization ISIS beheaded a 30 year old woman for killing one its members as he attempted to rape her in her home located northeast of Baquba.
The source said in an interview for “On Wednesday, a member of the terrorist organization ISIS attempted to rape a 30 year old woman inside her house in a village located in the northern district of Muqdadiya (35 km northeast of Baquba), but she managed to grab his gun and kill him in order to maintain her honor. The woman was resting at home and recovering from a medical illness before the attack occurred.”
The source, who requested anonymity, added that “members of ISIS imposed a perimeter in the vicinity of the incident before arresting the sick woman and then killing her by cutting off her head with a sword as per the sentence issued by the Sharia Court of the organization.”
Source : Iraqi News

West Bengal Becoming Jihadi Bengal under Mamata

Mamata Banerjee has proved beyond doubt that she can even risk national security for her own vested interests. Didi often claimed that her mind belonged to Rabindranath while Nazrul ruled her conscience, but now it looks as if both Rabindranath and Nazrul have been replaced by Jihad.
Did Didi’s call for change mean the transfiguration of West Bengal into Jihadi Bengal ?

During the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War, India was among the few nations that gave support to the freedom fighters of what was then East Pakistan, going as far as providing asylum to the bulk of the pro-Independence leadership. At that time, the anti-liberation and pro-Pakistan group Jamaat-E-Islami accused India and its then Premier Indira Gandhi of being the harbinger of Pakistan’s destruction. More than four decades later, it seems another Indian leader wants to make it right with Jamat-E-Islami, going so far as forming a financial nexus between corrupt officials in the state of West Bengaland radical mi…

Kashmir issue begins with the instrument of accession

Closer home we have the India vs Pakistan clash with regards to Kashmir. This Paksitan-instigated clash has been the source of many misfortunes for the people of Kashmir as well as their co-patriots in India. While the Indian Government for the last six decades has taken steps to ensure that hostilities with Pakistan come to an end and peace prevails in Kashmir same cannot be said about our neighbor.
The gory struggle for land is one of the most recurring as well as regrettable chapter in the history of mankind, and the 20th Century is no exception. Whether it is Greece vs Turkey over Cyprus, Armenia vs Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh, or Israel vs the Arab states over Palestine, this kind of struggle leads to nothing but bloodshed, social disharmony and consistent tragedy. Closer home we have the India vs Pakistan clash with regards to Kashmir. This Paksitan-instigated clash has been the source of many misfortunes for the people of Kashmir as well as their co-patriots …

Open Letter to Saif Ali Khan : Why must Pataudi brides convert to Islam to marry?

Dear Mr Saif Ali Khan, This is in response to your article in the Indian Express, available online at this link :
You begin by stating, “I am the son of a sportsman”. At the risk of sounding crass, may I ask if you are the son of a single parent? After all, you haven’t mentioned anything about your mother. I find it strange that at the beginning of your piece, you omit any reference to your female parent but somewhere in the middle of your article, you say, “It is like saying women don’t have a part to play in India.” If you forget to mention your mother’s role yourself, how can you object to others who ignore the role of women in society?
Next you claim, “I am more Indian than any Hindu or Muslim I know because I am both.” May I ask how you are Hindu and Muslim ‘both’ when both your parents are Muslims? In 1998, you had said that “My grandmother was the centre for all our religious …

Uttar Pradesh : Tension in Jaunpur locality over dispute on worshipping tree

Jaunpur (Uttar Pradesh) : Tension erupted in the Kotwali area of the city today when some women of a community were allegedly stopped from worshipping a tree and assaulted during the dispute, police said. Women of a community were allegedly prevented from offering water to a tree by a college principal and his aides and on resistance, the women and a priest were assaulted, SP Babloo Kumar said here. Agitated over the alleged incident, members of the community gheraoed the Kotwali police station, demanding arrest of the guilty, he said. District Magistrate Suhas L Y and the SP reached the spot and pacified the people by assuring them of action against the guilty. Kumar said a case has been lodged against four persons, including the college principal and guard. The principal and guard have been arrested. Meanwhile, in wake of tension prevailing in the area, PAC and police personnel have been deployed there. Source : Business Standard

Karnataka : Notice served for demolition of 7 Hindu temples but mosque excluded

Hubli (Karnataka) – The Government has issued notice to 7 ancient Hindu temples for demolition in the name of road-widening; but a mosque which is in the middle of the road, has been excluded. It is understood that fanatics have obtained permission from Delhi for sparing mosque from demolition.
A meeting was organized of Devasthan Samiti and pro-Hindu organizations against the policy of Government administration; warning the Government that destruction of Dharma and culture would not be tolerated in the name of development. The meeting was attended by trustees of 11 Devasthan Committees, office bearers and representatives of Sanatan Sanstha, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and other pro-Hindu organizations.
Source : Dainik Sanatan  Prabhat

12,000 cattle illegally slaughtered at Sambhajinagar (Maharashtra) !

Sambhajinagar (Maharashtra) : In the area of fanatics, 12,000 cattle were slaughtered to death in illegal manner on the occasion of Bakri Eid; but there is record of slaughtering of only 439 animals with the Municipal Corporation. (Take the concerned officers from Municipal Corporation to task for their falsehood – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) 1. Blood was flowing since early morning from many houses in this area. After killing, meat was thrown on the road which spread stink all over the area. Municipal Corporation sent hundreds of employees for cleaning that mess. 2. Fanatics kept on killing of cattle despite the law that animals which can be used for farming, should not be killed. (Are police going to take action against those fanatics who committed breach of this law ? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) 3. At places made available by the Municipal Corporation for killing of animals, animals were killed without their physical examination. (Send names of such police to ‘Sana…

Arrested Catholic Archbishop’s computer contained over 100,000 images of children

 Handcuffs on priest (Shutterstock) Vatican detectives analyzing a computer used a by an archbishop arrested earlier this week discovered over 86,000 pornographic photos and 160 sexually explicit video files of children, reports the International Business Times.
According to investigators, another 45,000 pictures had been deleted.
Former Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski, 66, was arrested at the Vatican earlier this week on charges that he paid to have sex with minors when he was a papal ambassador in the Dominican Republic from 2008 to 2012.
Wesolowski is the first Vatican official to be arrested within the city state on charges of pedophilia.
The former archbishop was recalled to Rome by the Vatican last year while still a diplomat in Santo Domingo and relieved of his duties following accusations from Dominican media that he was paying for underaged sex partners.
Until earlier this week, he had been free to roam Rome, but is now being held in in a small room in the basement of…

Anti-Hindu Police disallowed Hindus to recite ‘aarti’ for convenience of fanatics’ ‘namaz’

Police show rules and regulations to only Hindus instead of showing them to insolent fanatics !•Hindus should note that today police are opposing them to recite ‘aarti’ and in future, they may stop Hindus from even going to temple; therefore, Hindus need to unite and establish Hindu Rashtra for bringing a change in this situation !•Ringing of bells in Durgadi temple area by HindusDurgadi temple, Kalyan (Maharashtra) Kalyan (Maharashtra) : Durgadi temple was built during the period of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Shiv Sainiks and activists of pro-Hindu organizations were going to this temple for ‘aarti’ and ring bells; however, police stopped them forcefully at Lal Chowky; therefore, all of them squatted there and performed ‘aarti’ of Sri Durga Devi. (Fanatics and anti-Hindu police will not dare to create obstacles in Hindus’ programs if Hindus show such unity every time ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) 1. On the day of Eid, ‘namaz’ is read at Durgadi; but there is an anc…

All about Kailash Satyarthi, India’s Peace Nobel winner

NEW DELHI: Possibly India's best known face against child labour, Kailash Satyarthi shares this year's Nobel Peace Prize with Pakistani child rights activist Malala. He and his organisation, Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA) - the Save Childhood Movement, have single-handedly brought to centre-stage the debate on child rights in India.

"Child slavery is a crime against humanity. Humanity itself is at stake here. A lot of work still remains but I will see the end of child labor in my lifetime," Satyarthi told The Associated Press at his office in New Delhi. "If any child is a child slave in any part of the world, it is a blot on humanity. It is a disgrace."

The Nobel committee said: 'Satyarthi, 60, has maintained the tradition of Mahatma Gandhi and headed various forms of peaceful protests, "focusing on the grave exploitation of children for financial gain.'

Here's all that you need to know about Kailash Satyarthi:

#1 A human rights …

Veteran journalist M.V. Kamath no more

Udupi: Veteran journalist and former Prasar Bharati chairman MV Kamath, who was one of the earliest biographers of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, died early Thursday at Manipal near here. He was 93. Hundreds of people, including officials, academicians, faculty, students and local journalists bid a tearful adieu when his mortal remains were consigned to flames at Beedinagudde crematorium in the town, about 400 km from Bangalore. The last rites were performed by Kamath's nephew, as he had no children. Before the last journey, Kamath's body was kept at MGM College in the temple town to enable people pay last respects and was later taken to his ancestral house at Kadabettu for conducting rituals. In his condolence message, Modi said Kamath's demise was a loss to the world of literature and journalism. "A prolific writer and fine human being, MV Kamath's demise is a loss to the world of literature and journalism. May his soul rest in peace," Modi tweeted earlier …

Ban on slaughtering cattle in the open on Bakri Id day – High Court

Panaji (Goa) – An order banning the slaughtering of cattle anywhere in the state of Goa other than the slaughter house at Usgao on the day of Bakri Id was passed by the Division Bench of Mumbai High Court on 30th September 2014. It is also stated in the order that the Government should implement the order in earnest. The Muslim Jamat Sanghtana also should be vigilant to see that no other places the slaughtering of cattle is done. Goa Muslim Jamat Sanghtana had appealed to the High Court stating that arrangements for slaughtering cattle should be made at other places also. The Government had conveyed to the High Court on 30th September about their inability to procure other places for the said purpose due to paucity of time; hence the High Court rejected the petition of Muslim Jamat Sanghtana and gave permission to slaughter cattle in the Goa slaughter house only, after fulfilling all the legal requirements. As per the law cattle-slaughter is prohibited in the land of Go…

Schoolgirl jihadis: The Female Islamists leaving home to join ISIS fighters

Zahra Halane, 16, poses with an AK-47, an Isis flag, knife and grenade. A series of tweets about her kitten, thrown out by her husband, betray her youth. Hundreds of young women and girls are leaving their homes in western countries to join Islamic fighters in the Middle East, causing increasing concern among counter-terrorism investigators. Girls as young as 14 or 15 are travelling mainly to Syria to marry jihadis, bear their children and join communities of fighters, with a small number taking up arms. Many are recruited via social media. Women and girls appear to make up about 10% of those leaving Europe, North America and Australia to link up with jihadi groups, including Islamic State (Isis). France has the highest number of female jihadi recruits, with 63 in the region – about 25% of the total – and at least another 60 believed to be considering the move. In most cases, women and girls appear to have left home to marry jihadis, drawn to the idea of supporting thei…


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