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Netaji death mystery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Through 64 years has already passed but the death mystery of Netaji Subhas
Chandra Bose is still yet to reveal. Along with 3 Indian enquiry commission a total
of 12 commissions were set up all over the world for resolving mystery. But no one
could get precede towards its destiny. One of the reasons may be that there were no
such evidences found about the mysterious legend after the day of 18 August 1945.
Through various scholars has given emphasis on various incident that might be took
place with the father of Indian National Army, but each of the opinion was opposed
by other scholar or scholars with their logic and opinion. Here I am trying to put
forward some of the evidences and proofs on the most possible incidents took place
with him after the above mentioned specific date.

‘I am writing this letter, because I am going for a long journey. Who
knows I won't get into a plane accident.’
Netaji's Confidential Personal Assistant, E.Bhaskaran gave this statement
before the Shah Nawaz commission about a letter by Netaji, addressed to
John Thivi, a minister in the Azad Hind government, written on 1945
August 17 at 3 am. The letter contains these words.

The photograph has found showing Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose came to give his
attribute to Jawaharlal Nehru’s dead body. The date was as shown 27 May 1964.
much later than 18the August 1945.
what happend to Netaji after august 1945
Did Netaji really die in the 1945 plane crash? Incredibly hard facts have now
emerged from Moscow vaults. Netaji was in fact very much alive till at least
1946 one full year after his supposed "death". Russian archives had yielded
two precious documents. The first concerned a discussion that Joseph Stalin
had with his defense minister Voroschilov and foreign affairs minister
Molotov in 1946. The second was a report filed by a Soviet field agent
stationed in India, also in 1946.
One more British archive document also states that the entire theory of the
plane crash, in Taihuku (Japan), was pre-planned and contrived. In fact as
late as December 20, 1945, a Japanese newspaper even reported that Bose
was on his way to the Soviet Union and passed through Tokyo.
Prof.Purabi Roy found out a report of a KGB agent in Bombay written
in 1946 about the political situation in India. The report is saying, "....
it is not possible to work with Nehru or Gandhi, we have to use
Subhas Bose”. That implies in 1946 Subhas Bose was still alive.
Netaji was reported to be alive even after 1945 by the British
intelligence from Teheran and Kabul quoting the Russian embassy
officials. This was even stated in the Shah Nawaz commission report
(File No. 10/ Mis/ INA-pp 38, 39).

Reports of the officers appointed by Mountbatten and McArthur, and the reports of BACIS (British
American Counter Intelligence Service) have all completely discarded
any possibility of such a plane crash to have happened. They all
provided statements that Habibur Rahman hasn’t told the truth; most
possibly he has promised Netaji to hide the facts
This is the official death certificate of ‘Netaji’ issued by the Health and
Hygiene Bureau in Formosa, where it was necessary to produce the death
certificate for cremation.
Person died - Ichiro Okura
Date of birth - 1900 April 9
Cause of death - Cardiac arrest
Job - Soldier, temporary
Date of death - 19 August 4:00 pm
Date of permission for cremation - 21 August 1945
Date of cremation - 22 August 1945
Person requesting for the cremation - Dr Thaneoshi Yoshimi; doctor
The time of death in Habibur Rahman’s statements to different
commissions vary between 5 PM August 18th to 12 AM August 19th, and 4
PM 19 August.
It is well known to all of us that Netaji born on the date 23rd January 1297 not 9th
April 1900.
A 102-year-old man claiming to be Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's driver-cum-
bodyguard has claimed that the freedom fighter was not killed in an air crash in
1945, but died a natural death in oblivion, decades later in Faizabad district of
Uttar Pradesh. the name of the person was was Nizamuddin."He did not die in the
air crash. The plane did not carry him, but instead had on board Captain Ekram,
Lal Singh, a Bengali soldier and a woman, all AHF members, besides two to three
Japanese,'' Nizamuddin said.He reminisced that he met Netaji and brother Sharat
Chandra Bose in 1946 over a bridge on a river in Thailand, a year after the alleged
death the in air-crash.''Jo jaisa karega woh waisa bharega,'' Netaji had told me
when I asked him what he thought of the Indian leaders trying to pronounce him
Did he goes to Soviet Russsia after August,1945?
some proof were found which state that the greatest leader of India went to Russia
after August,1945.On December 20, 1945, a Japanese newspaper even reported
that Bose was on his way to the Soviet Union and passed through Tokyo.
On 14th August 1945, Japan has surrendered. There were literary
hundreds of Allied battleship and aircraft carriers all around Japan and
USA had complete control over the airspace of Japan. It was impossible
for any Japanese military aircraft to go from Taipei to Tokyo without being
attacked by the US. Why on earth Netaji would like to go back to Tokyo to
surrender himself to the U.S army who would definitely hand him over to
the British to be killed “ on the spot” as demanded by Lord. Mountbatten!
Given the fact that Japan had no hostility with the USSR during the whole
of the Second World War, it was only natural for Netaji to go back to the
Soviet Union, where he went first in 1941 to seek the help of Stalin to
liberate India.
The statements by the INA officials, Japanese military officials, British
intelligence reports, and The Top Secret Files published by the British
government in 1976 all say Netaji was alive in Soviet Russia
It is not known in India that the Soviet Union, along with Japan, Germany,
Italy, Imperial China, Hungary, and Romania, has recognized the Azad
Hind Government of Netaji and allowed Netaji to open a consulate in
Siberian city of Omsk, as the most of the Soviet administrtation was moved
to Siberia during the Second World War.
Dr S.Radhakrishnan became the representative to Russia. Dr Saroj Das of
Calcutta University told his friend Dr R.C.Muzumdar that Radhakrishnan
had told him that Netaji was in Russia.
Former Indian ambassador Dr Satyanarayana Sinha once Georgy Mukherjee
met, the son of Abani Mukherjee, a revolutionist in the Russian communist party;
who told him that his father and Netaji were prisoners in adjacent cells in Siberia.
He also told Sinha that Netaji had assumed the name ‘Khilsai Malang’ there.
As reported in every newspaper at that time(1970’s), daughter of Stalin Swetlana
said in Delhi that Netaji was in Siberia’s yarkutask jail. She also gave barrack No.
also. But since no initiative was taken by India Government that time, it can not be
said whether Netaji was in Soviet Russia that time or not.
Was Netaji Subash and Bhagwanji /Gumnamibaba of Faizabad
Some proofs were also found in this regard. Bhagwanji was a mysterious
but opulent monk who resided in various places of Uttar Pradesh like
Lucknow, Sitapur, Faizabad, Basti and Ayodhya for three decades till his
death on September 16, 1985. He not only commanded his personal
security men but was in touch with Dr Pavitra Mohan Roy of Dum Dum
Road, Calcutta, once the foremost functionary of Secret Service of Indian
National Army. A few local people of Ayodhya like Teerth Ram Purohit who
knew him, found him referring to foreign countries like Germany, Japan,
Burma and Tibet. Curiously, the first three countries feature prominently in
Netaji’s life. At Neemsar (Sitapur), where the monk stayed during 1956-60,
he had planted different trees. That place is now famous as Subhas
Chandra Bose Park.
However, what that “Man of Mystery” left behind is still more curious -
spectacles with golden frames resembling the ones worn by Netaji in his
photographs, powerful German binoculars, a coloured picture of Swami
Vivekananda, some Bengali books, an original copy of the summons
issued to Suresh Chandra Bose to appear before the GD Khosla
Commission, several editorials and articles dealing with the Netaji mystery,
a national flag, a map of undivided India, an album of foreign origin
consisting of 13 family photographs of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose in
different settings. Out of these, two have never been seen by the public
before, and not even available with the Bose family.
These are inferences pieced together from evidence Bhagwanji's belongings have
yielded, and include, among other things:
A torch pencil, generally used by military personnel for map-making at night,
Maps of houses in which, not only he, but also his associates stayed,
Documents and newspaper clipping on Netaji's 'death' probe,
His followers' letters, and
His notes on margins of books.
''Netaji died a few years back in Faizabad and the Bengali lady who had given
him shelter also passed away later,'' said Nizamuddin .his ex driver.
An important letter of July 24, 1973, by a person who went with the Khosla
Commission of Inquiry to the 'Taiwan crash site', also points in the direction. In
the letter, the person (he does not want to be named) reports to Bhagwanji: "We
got only 15 days in Taihoku (Taipei). Formosa's task is over... I cannot write
everything in this letter, if you permit, I can come over for a week."
In 1963, there were rumours that the sadhu of Shoulmari was Netaji. The rumours
were so strong as to compel Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to send a Member of
Parliament, Surendra Mohan Ghosh, to look into it. Some letters - including a one
that reports on a conversation between a revolutionary, Vishwanth Roy, and
Ashok Sen - that were found among Bhagwanji's belongings, also show he was
detailed on the matter.
There had been at least four known occasions when Bhagwanji said he was Netaji
Subhas Chandra Bose.
 Bhagwanji addresses Sarat Bose, Netaji's elder brother, as 'mejda’ as the same
way did Netaji addressed his elder brother Sarat.
 Dr Priyabrat Banerjee, who took over from his father as Bhagwanji's
physician, in an interview with, recalls a family get-together
at Bhagwanji's house in 1975, when the latter said: "Dekho to, kahi main Subhas
Chandra Bose to nahi hoon?" (Look, am I not Subhas Chandra Bose?) When the
senior Dr T Banerjee persisted, Bhagwanji said: "Hoon!" (Yes, I am he!)
 Durga Prasad Pandey, who was Netaji's companion for many years, also
recalls a meeting in 1967 when Bhagwanji said: "Take me to be Netaji if you
 Bhagwanji's landlord at Faizabad, Gurubasant Singh, also remembers an
interview during which the former said his mission was to see India free, and since
the task was achieved, he had taken sanyas (renounced his worldly life). Many
rumours were afloat then that Bhagwanji was Netaji, and Gurubasanot had sought
an interview to verify them.
Letters and photographs found among Bhagwanji's belongings indicate that his
birthday was celebrated on January 23, the same day that Netaji was born.
On January 23, 1984, a person who did not want to be named, quoted Gurudev
Ravindra Nath in his wishes to Bhagwanji, calling him "the greatest son of mother

Bhagwanji's birthday: Written in his own hand
A revolutionary freedom fighter Charan's (pseudonym) letter in Bangla - marked
2523 in the inventory list - says: "I wait for this day the whole year. My holy
mahamanav (great man), I bow at your lotus feet."
Bhagwanji's helper Rajkumar also told Mukherjee Commission recently that on
January 23 every year people from Kolkata, including Indian National Army's
secret service chief Dr Pabitra Mohan Roy, would visit Bhagwanji to celebrate his
birthday. It was a custom which began in 1964 after Netaji's friend Leela Roy had
met and identified Bhagwanji.
 Gumnamibaba's handwriting ia also matched with Netaji's . Handwriting
analysis expert and former Additional Director of the National Institute of
Criminology and Forensic Science, Dr B. Lal deposed before the Justice
Mukherjee Commission of Inquiry that probed into the disappearance of Netaji,
that the handwritings of Bhagwanji and Bose did match.
handwriting of Bhagwanji

(An Indian Pilgrim. p-208)

handwriting of Subhas chanra Bose

Why congress betrayed with Netaji in such a way?
After the end of 2nd world war,Netaji became very famous specially among the
youngstars of India.That makes the congrees leaders very jealous about
him.Another reason is to stay faithful to the british government,they betrayed with
netaji.since Netaji was the biggest enemy of british govt. in India that time and
maximum congrees leaders love to stay faithful to the britishers and for which
ready to do everything..
Shyamlal jain, the confidential steno of the INA Defense Committee, in the course
of his deposition, made a shocking revelation about Nehru's attitude toward
Netaji,”Later Nehru asked me to type a letter on his letterhead. Mr.Nehru
addressed that letter to Mr.Clamment Attlee the then PM of Britain, in which
Mr.Attlee was informed about the contents of that hand written note regarding
Mr.Subhash entry into Russian territory. "I solemnly affirm and state on oath that
thereafter Shri Jawaharlal Nehru gave me four papers from his writing pad to
make four copies of a letter, which he would dictate to me on typewriter, which I
also complied. The contents of the letter, as far as I could remember, were as
Dear Mr. Attlee:
I understand from a reliable source that Subhas Chandra Bose, your war criminal,
has been allowed to enter Russian territory by Stalin. This is a clear treachery and
betrayal of faith by the Russians. As Russia has been an ally of the British-
Americans, it should not have been done. Please take note of it and do what you
consider proper and fit.
Yours sincerely, Jawaharlal Nehru.
why nehru betrayed with NETAJI?
 Netaji was the leader who had already defeated him in Congress President
Election. He did not want him to come back and win again. Netaji was too strong a
competition and would have taken over.In that case his dream of becoming prime
minister of India wwill not fulfilled.
 Netaji was opposed to his ideology of communist, Shantidoot weak nation.
Why Mukherjee Commission Report rejected?
Findings of Mukerjee commission-
 Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is dead
 He did not die in the plane crash, as alleged
 To the question Whether he has died in any other manner at any other place
and, if so, when and how? no answer is given in the absence of sufficient proof.
Congress does not want the nation to know Jawaharlal Nehru's actions and role in
betraying Netaji. The previous two Commissions: Shah Nawaz Committee and the
Khosla Commission were appointed by the Congress government. For bringing
truth BJP let NDA Govt. appointed Mukherjee Commission.
 “I saw Netaji alive after his alleged plane crash” is disclosed by Capt Abbas
Ali, an old INA freedom fighter.
 “It was ‘unbelievable’ that Netaji died in an air crash” said by Suresh Chandra
Bose elder brotherThe ashes in the Japanese temple are not of Netaji of Subhash
C.Bose. He deposing before the Khosla Commission charged Mr Shah Nawaz
Khan with "playing Netaji false"
 Deposing before the Khosla Commission, Dr Satyanarayan Sinha said Colonel
Habibur Rehman had confessed to him at Patna in 1946 that he had had told a lie
when he said that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose died in a plane crash in Taipeh on
August 18, 1945.


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