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Another Kerala priest accused of sexual abuse, 12 arrests in 18 months

On Wednesday, a 30-yr-old woman accused Fr Binu George of Orthodox Church of sexually abusing her in 2014 on pretext of discussing family issue. (Photo: File | Representational)The growing scandal in Kerala has shocked the state’s Christian population. In the wake of sexual abuse allegation against priests, a third woman has accused priest of sexually abusing her.
At least 12 priests have been arrested from different churches in over 18 months for allegedly sexually abusing and raping minors and women.
Last week, a nun and another woman alleged that they were sexually abused for years. With sexual abuse allegation, the duo also alleged that Church have been trying to cover up the matter instead of investigating it impartially.
On Wednesday, a 30-yr-old woman accused Fr Binu George of Orthodox Church of sexually abusing her in 2014 on pretext of discussing family issue. (Representational Image | PTI)
According to NDTV report, a 30-yr-old woman accused Fr Binu George of Orthodox Church of sexually abusing her in 2014 on pretext of discussing family issue.
Previously, a complaint was filed by a 34-year-old woman alleging that she was sexually abused by five priests from Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church for two decades. The matter came into light when the audio clip of the woman’s husband and his friend got leaked. The clip was circulated online. Out of 5 priests, 4 of them have been booked for rape and molestation.
The woman’s husband told NDTV, “My wife was caught in a cycle of rape, blackmailing and sexually exploitation for two decades. I got to know about the incident in February this year. I am under a lot of pressure from the church to withdraw the complaint. People have been calling me and asking me not to go ahead.”
Father MO John, Trustee of the Orthodox Church said, "The moment we were informed about the complaint, a special committee was set up. The accused priests were suspended and the investigation began. We were about to finish probe when police filed complaint and started investigating the matter."
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Kerala HC rejects anticipatory bail pleas of 3 priests in sexual assault case

The Kerala High Court on Wednesday dismissed the anticipatory bail applications of three priests of Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church accused of sexually assaulting a woman.
The priests, Abraham Varghese alias Sony varghese, Job Mathew and Jaise K George, had approached the court soon after the Crime Branch wing of Kerala Police slapped rape charges against four of the five Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church priests, including them, in the case. 
Dismissing their bail pleas, Justice Raja Vijayaraghavan said serious allegations had been raised against the accused. If anticipatory bail was granted at this stage, it would adversely affect the investigation, which was at a preliminary stage, the court said. 
Earlier, the court had directed the police to produce the complaint of sexual harassment of the woman, filed by her husband and other documents related to the case. 
In their bail applications, the priests rejected the woman's allegations that they had sexually assaulted her. They alleged that the case was registered against them "solely at the instance of the political pressure exerted by certain vested interests to derive political mileage". 
The crime branch has registered an FIR against the priests after recording the victim woman's statement. Last month, the woman's husband had accused the five priests of using his wife's secret confession to "blackmail" and "sexually abuse" her. 
The incident had come to light after an audio clip of the man's purported conversation with a church official alleging sexual abuse of his wife by the priests was widely circulated on social media. 
Veteran CPI(M) leader and chairman of Kerala Administrative Reforms Commission V S Achuthanandan and the National Commission for Women had written to Kerala DGP Loknath Behara, demanding a probe into the charges.( with agencies input) 



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